Crankshaft pulley bolt is the most stubborn, highly torqued and perhaps the most challenging bolt to remove in a car. These bolts can have a rating of 400-700 lb-ft or more especially if they're rusty or have never been removed.

Most auto repair shops or garages use air impact wrench to remove these bolts. Luckily for us, the weekend warrior or backyard mechanics, manufacturers of cordless impact wrenches have recently offered impact wrench with extremely high breakaway torque, thus eliminating the need to have air compressor and/or the need to haul the heavy compressor or the hoses.

This video is NOT about demonstrating how to remove the crank pulley (also known as the harmonic balancer) bolt without any special tools. It is actually to highlight one of the best and most powerful cordless impact wrench on the market today. Showcased in this video is DeWalt 20-Volt Max XR Lithium-Ion 1/2" inch Cordless Brushless High Torque Impact Wrench Driver with Detent Anvil - DCF899B.

This Dewalt DCF899 impact wrench has a heavy-duty impact mechanism with a max torque at 700 ft-lbs and a max breakaway torque at 1,200 ft-lbs. A 3-speed selector switch allows for application specific torque/drive control. A bright LED work light with a 20 second delay for low light situations.

You can read the specs here: or google for reviews of this incredible impact driver.

Alright, so that you were able to somehow managed to get the crankshaft bolt out (whether using this tools or any other methods), how do you tighten the bolt back to factory specifications during the installation?

The tool that you'll need is torque-limiting extension bar. In this video we showcased Pittsburgh 10 Piece 1/2 inch Torque Limiting Extension Bar Set with Carrying Case, Color Coded and Engraved with ft. lb. settings (65-150ft-lb). Use these torque extension bars to prevent over-tightening of lug nuts. Designed for use with standard or thin-wall sockets, each torque extension bar is color-coded and engraved with torque range for quick reference. You can buy this as a set at Harbor Freight Tools ( and Sears or individually on or EBay.

As far as impact drivers are concerned, there are many other brands out there such as Milwaukee, Eartquake Extreme XT, Bosch, Ingersol Rand, Craftsman, Hitachi, Rockwell and the more expensive Snap-On. But there was a video on youtube that showed how the Dewalt DCF899 was able to remove a lugnut from an 18-wheeler.

If you’re in the market for a new impact and already bought into Dewalt’s 20V Max Li-ion lineup – or are thinking of doing so – you might want to check this incredibly powerful impact driver - DeWalt DCF899B.

The harmonic balancer (also called “crank pulley damper”), connected to the crankshaft of an engine, reduces engine vibration and serves as a pulley for the drive belts. The balancer or “damper” is composed of two elements: a mass and an energy-dissipating element.

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